#XYPNLIVE Justify Your Trip Download

#XYPNLIVE Justify My Trip download

The Value of  #XYPNLIVE 2019

See for yourself how much a pass is really worth

We know being out of the office costs you—time, money, and resources. When you do make the investment to be away, you want to know it's worth it. That's why we've broken down the true value of attending #XYPNLIVE in our Justify Your Trip guide. 

In this guide, you will:
  • Learn the breakdown of what is included with your pass
  • Explore #XYPNLIVE by the numbers
  • Discover tips to help curb costs further
  • Hear what past attendees are saying about their experience at #XYPNLIVE

Stepping away from your business to connect with your peers and learn from industry experts can be the best investment you make. Will you be joining us at #XYPNLIVE 2019?

Justify Your Trip Download