Get out of overwhelm and into clear action.

Growth expert Carolyn Dalle-Molle offers private marketing coaching to guide XYPN members through the strategies and activities that work for you.

Welcome to the wonderful world of marketing coaching.

Each program is designed to address common needs in advisor marketing. As a member of the XY Planning Network, you are invited to work directly with Carolyn through the program that best suits you.

Whether you’re starting from scratch and need help with the basics, have been marketing for years and want to refine what you’re doing, or just need someone to kick you into high gear, marketing coaching is here to help.


  • Hourly rate: $255


Please review the programs below and complete the form at right on this page to discuss your ideal path forward with Carolyn. Stay tuned in: Get marketing inspo and best practices on Twitter @XYPNMktgCoach.

Marketing 101 Course

A flash course in advisor marketing followed by guided strategy setting and routine meetings with homework.

This program’s ideal for the marketing novice. You’ll have an experienced marketer by your side for one year, guiding you through what needs to be done and how. Carolyn will start with a Discovery session to learn about your current status and where you want to go. Next, you will get a live 2-hour training on marketing fundamentals, designed to be intuitive and focused tightly on the financial planning landscape. Quick wins are also identified in the first month, and your most pressing questions about website, branding, content, or outreach (and more!) will be tackled head on. From there, you’ll advance to routine check-ins (every 2 months) that give you time to execute on the set plan, but not so much time that you get lost. Get guided today!

5 hours of training during first month + 1 hour check-ins every other month thereafter


Cost for this premium service:

  • Fee: $1275 for first month + $127.50 per month thereafter

Monthly Meetings

Routine calls with personalized advice, guidance and feedback on your work to ensure you’re always moving in the right direction.

This format is ideal for the small biz owner who’d like an expert on their side. Your monthly hour with Carolyn can be spent in a variety ways -- strategic planning, specific guidance, creative brainstorming, problem solving, metrics reporting, editing, feedback, accountability, etc. The marketing sky is the limit. The key is you’ll have routine, scheduled meetings with a skilled expert. You can choose to set a clear intention for these meetings, or choose to take things as they come.

1 hour every month


Cost for this premium service:

  • $255 per month


Hire Carolyn to assist you through a specific project.

This option is ideal for members with a defined project that warrants expert attention. Fill out the form on this page to connect about your project. You’ll meet with Carolyn to ensure it’s a fit for both of you, and receive a project scope.

Example projects include: Strategic planning sessions that cover your entire marketing funnel, specific website feedback before or during a new build-out, expert diagnosis on the state of your Google Analytics, help organizing a content calendar you actually get excited about, video marketing planning and editing, feedback and edits on all articles you write, and more.


Cost for this premium service:

  • $255 per hour. Project scope to be determined after free consultation.