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Free Private Coaching is Back

Come to #XYPNLIVE ready to ask any questions that have been keeping you up at night, and leave armed with real solutions for your business. Receive individualized help in a one-on-one or small group session of your choice.  Thirty-minute sessions will cover common pain points such as compliance, bookkeeping, marketing, and more.  You will leave with actionable takeaways to improve your firm.  


Jen MastrudContent Marketing Assessment

Are you creating great content, but not gaining clients? Stop banging your head against the wall and get some expert advice. XYPN's Director of Marketing, Jennifer Mastrud, will examine your inbound strategy to be sure you’re leading prospects to the finish line. During your 30-minute one-on-one session, Jen will look for opportunities to iterate on your current efforts and, if necessary, give you the hard, cold truth if there's something off-putting in your approach. Jen will bring a package of take-home resources and over 20 years of marketing experience to your session.


Katie DeMarsWebsite Review

Your website is crucial to marketing your firm and attracting your ideal clientele. XYPN's highly experienced webmaster will review your website with fresh eyes and evaluate it for best practices and ADA standards. You're sure to leave Coaches' Corner with a handful of recommendations that may make a world of difference.



Carolyn Dalle-MollePut Your Marketing Idea to the Test

Do you have a new idea for your marketing, but are unsure if it will work? Put your idea to the test. Meet with Carolyn, XYPN's Marketing Coach, to learn how to turn your exact marketing idea into an actionable, informative experiment. Carolyn will take away the risk of total failure and equip you with everything you need to make sure each new idea helps move your marketing forward.



Coach Announcement Coming SoonEffectively and Confidently Communicating Your Value

How are you communicating your value to prospects and clients? XYPN's Sales Coach will work with you on how to best connect with your clients and prospects using behavior selling, consultative questions, and active listening.




Scott GillSocial Media Compliance

Marketing and advertising regulations as set forth by SEC guidelines were not created with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in mind. Meet with XYPN's Senior Compliance Consultant Scott Gill to discuss ways you can use this powerful marketing tool for your business without running afoul of compliance regulations.



Kingston HollmanPreparing for a Regulatory Audit

Compliance is part of your firm's culture and not a "check the box" activity. Join XYPN Compliance Consultant Kingston Hollman to discuss the ideal culture, common deficiencies, your responsibility as a fiduciary, and how to prepare and respond to regulators before, during, and after an audit.



Shelby BrownGetting Your Firm Registered! Group Compliance Coaching

The process of registering your firm with your state securities division can feel overwhelming when you dive into it. Join XYPN Compliance Consultant Shelby Brown for an engaged discussion around the initial registration process, as well as some key tips and best practices on how to prepare for and complete your firm's initial state registration.


Hayley StewartPayroll

For many firm owners, just thinking about payroll can be a bit overwhelming. What is a reasonable wage? What benefits are taxable and what can be given tax free? Are you running health insurance through payroll? Meet with Hayley Stewart, Director of FA Bean Counters, to discuss all things payroll.



Dan KeslinCash vs. Accrual Accounting

Are you doing your books in accordance with what your state regulators want? Did you know that some states actually require accrual basis financials? Join FA Bean Counter bookkeeper Dan Keslin in this Coaches' Corner to explore the differences between the two and to learn how to switch from cash to accrual basis accounting.



Coach Announcement Coming SoonTax

Do you have questions on the qualified business income (QBI) deduction? How about different tax planning options? Bring your tax and planning questions to this Coaches' Corner, where FA Bean Counters Director of Tax will help you find the answers you've been looking for.



Practice Management

Arlene MossGet Out of Your Own Way

Are you the biggest hurdle you face in your business? Sit down with XYPN's Coaching Program Manager Arlene Moss and chat about what struggles you face running your business and how you can keep it from running you. It coud be calendaring and email help, or figuring out how to outsource or delegate. Is it time to grow your team again? Or are you just not closing the clients you need to close? Arlene will give you an action plan to take home and run with.


Financial Planning

Emily PurdonImplementing the Monthly Retainer Model

Have you thought about implementing the monthly retainer model, but are unsure of what services you should provide and how often, how much to charge, what clients this model is right for, and what compliance considerations you're not thinking about? Whether you are looking to implement the monthly retainer model or would like to review your current model, XYPN's Financial Planning and Process Coach, Emily Purdon, will review step-by-step how to set up the monthly retainer model and provide you best practices for implementing this model in a profitable and compliant manner.


Investment Solutions

Mario NardoneFree Up Time by Delegating Investment Management If You're Already Doing It Yourself

Did you really get into this profession to be an investment ops expert? The answer to this question is most likely a resounding "NO!" If you're tired of spending time on operational and service activites that have little impact on the true value of your client relationships, chat with XY Investment Solutions Chief Investment Strategist to learn how you can delegate the investment management portion of your business to free up time for more meaningful and fulfilling work with clients.

Jeff SnodgrassGetting the Most Out of Orion

There's no denying that Orion is AWESOME. But there's also a lot you can do with it and while this is most definitely a good thing, it can be a bit overwhelming. Join XY Investment Solutions Orion Specialist to learn how to get the most out of this amazing platform. 




Coach Announcement Coming SoonIntegrating Investment Management

Considering integrating investment management into your client experience? Chat with the XYIS team on how XY members (and others) have done this successfully. You don't have to be an investment expert—you don't even have to like investments—to find value in this Coaches' Corner.