XYPN’s Executive Coaching service is a premium service exclusively available to XYPN members. This service contains one-on-one coaching sessions, an elite accountability partner, and personalized guidance for building a successful financial planning business.

Customized Approach to Coaching

Executive coaching is a broad subject. There are a lot of nuances: differences in background, experience, and goals (to name a few).

XYPN’s Executive Coaching offering will be tailor-made for your specific needs. Since this will be an ongoing process, we begin with a discovery session to locate your pain points and begin your coaching relationship addressing them.

Personalization is key when it comes to being an effective coach. We have a diverse community and cookie-cutter approaches won’t fly. XYPN’s one-on-one coaching is based on your approach to firm ownership. We will hold you accountable to your goals, and help you create new ones when you’ve exceeded previous targets.

Why Executive Coaching?

As more members join our community there is a need for premium-level services. We have heard you ask for support in growing your firm and we believe our executive coaching service is a strong step in that direction.

Our coaches can help you build a strong business and scale it to success. We can help you with branding, pricing structures, investment management options, marketing, prospecting, closing leads...and that’s just to name a few areas our executive coaching service can cover.

Who Can Benefit from Executive Coaching?

The XYPN Advisor Success team works with startup firms and tenured firms, breakaways and career changers, and all of the planners and firms in between.

In the discovery process, we will be sure to confirm that engaging with a coach is financially prudent for your firm’s success. We'll discuss your utilization of all XYPN resources before we encourage you to take on an added expense. Please note: This does not mean that new members or startup firms cannot sign up.


  • One-on-one coaching is $400 per month (billed monthly) for two 45-minute calls each month as well as email and phone support between calls.