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The grass grows where you water it, folks.

Your firm is in the building phase; where there was once dirt, you’ve seeded the ground and now have some excellent looking turf (nice work!), but it won’t turn into the field of your dreams without diligent care, attention, and hard work. That’s where XYPN BUILD comes in—meant to (rocket) power your firm forward once you’ve worked hard to lay your solid foundation. 

XYPN BUILD is designed for RIAs in the building phase of their firms' journey. If you have 21-75 clients, revenue of around $100,000, and feel like you are starting to hit capacity and aren't sure how to scale, the BUILD workshop is designed for you. In this workshop, we'll help you take the time to evaluate the essentials, refocus your efforts, and refine your firm’s direction. By attending BUILD, you'll spend two days working on the business instead of in the business; the name of this game is results. Our opponent? Stagnation. 

This two-day, intensive workshop will give you access to the expert coaching, peer support, and best practices you need to successfully build your firm. Each tailored session with XYPN's expert coaches involves active workshopping, breakout conversation, and concrete takeaways. You'll spend significant time working with and learning from your peers in the Building phase.

At the end of the workshop, you will commit to a few key growth goals. To hold you accountable and help you achieve them, two months after BUILD, you will reconnect with the coaches and your peers to share progress and discuss challenges. We’re not done here until you see results! You’ve put in the work to get this far; let us help get you further, faster. 

Ready to smash your growth and revenue goals? We know, easy question—learn more here.

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Why Attend?

XYPN BUILD events are tailored to meet the needs of firms during their building phase. With sessions in four targeted tracks—Marketing, Sales, Financial Planning and Process, and Business—attendees will leave with actionable strategies in key areas of firm ownership. 


Marketing //

Carolyn Dalle-Molle"You’re emerging from the “new startup” trenches and entering a different phase of marketing. With a few dozen clients, marketing becomes less of a nervous rush and more of a refinement challenge. XYPN BUILD’s four marketing-focused sessions will help you get clear on your brand’s foundation, more narrowly prioritize your activities to save time, and streamline processes wherever you can."

Carolyn Dalle-MolleMarketing Coach

Sales //

BB Webb"You’re beginning to embrace selling as a service and know that consultative selling is key, though you struggle to create a follow-up process that works toward a close. With two sessions geared toward establishing growth goals and identifying successful sales channels, you’ll increase your confidence, drive, and passion to eagerly get out amongst the people who need what you uniquely offer!"

BB Webb, Sales Coach

Business //

Arlene Moss"It’s time to take a look at your fees to be certain you are charging what you're worth as you position yourself for the high-growth years. XYPN BUILD’s three business focuses sessions will prepare you to be the manager as well as a planner so that your team can grow intentionally."

Arlene Moss, Executive Business Coach