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Our relationship-driven tax service makes it easy to offer comprehensive financial planning that builds confidence and serves clients better.
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Want your clients to experience the benefits of tax planning, but don’t have the time or bandwidth for tax services? XY Tax Solutions was created just for you!

Everyone wins with XYTS

Improved client experience
Your clients enjoy the thoughtful tax planning and preparation expertise (we like to call it taxpertise) that you've always wanted to offer.
Value-Added for your clients
Your clients appreciate the valuable addition to your services and benefit from your comprehensive approach to their financial planning
Delegation for the win
You get to delegate the tedious and time-consuming tax work to a collaborative partner specializing in real estate, stock options, and small businesses
More time doing what you love
You spend more time doing what you love: helping your clients live their best lives
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What XYPN Members Have to Say

XYTS is a great resource for my clients. My clients get the help they need, it's easy for them, and it's more value that I can provide!
Author picture
Elliott Weir III, CFP®
Founder of III Financial®

What XYPN Members Have to Say

Rhonda is a rockstar. I've worked with her this past year as my contact with XYTS and she is the best. Appreciate her expertise and responsiveness.
Author picture
Lori Dietzler, CFP®
Founder of Zero Gravity Financial

How it Works

One of the many benefits of partnering with XYTS is that we have a unique understanding of our members’ needs, standards and people-first approach to serving clients.

These insights led us to design our tax services to be the intentional, powerful and collaborative tools they can be when utilized as a pillar of comprehensive financial planning.

We also tailored our engagement and billing offerings to be flexible and customizable on a best-fit basis. You choose how much or little we engage with your clients as well as how they are billed for the services. From there, we’ll follow (or lead) every step of the way!

Getting Started With XYTS

To us, being a trusted partner means more than delivering on our commitments. It means providing the kind of thoughtful, individualized tax expertise you would if you could. So, we’ve limited our overall capacity and follow a strict scoping process to make sure we can serve each client with the focus and attention they deserve.
Due to these limits and processes, our services are available to XY Planning Network members only on a first-come, first-served basis.
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Follow these simple steps to get started:
Complete Advisor Interest Form
Carefully review and sign your Advisor Agreement received via email.
Remit advisor agreement payment if applicable.
Enroll your clients! Complete a Client Intake Form and short questionnaire and submit their last tax return. We will review everything provided and propose a best-fit engagement and fee range tailored to each one of your clients.
Sit back and let the successful tax season begin!


In Step 4, you’ll complete the Client Intake Form and choose the level of engagement you'd like—on a per return basis.
Explore the engagement levels to find the best XYTS fit for you firm!

Our referral option:

This engagement is best for advisors who are looking for a reliable referral resource to outsource tax services and wish to refer clients, family, friends, or colleagues directly to XYTS. Why choose the Essentials Engagement option?

  • Expand your referral list
  • Feel confident you’re referring clients to a trusted partner
  • Provide easy “hands-off” tax preparation and planning

2023 Tax Season Pricing

Explore pricing by engagement level and number of households:



Straight hourly pricing for clients on a per-form or as-needed basis

See pricing
15% discount for returning members



Fees include:

  • Portal set up
  • Collaboration time between advisor and XYTS professionals
  • Set up and training time on advisor systems
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Every engagement begins with a scoping review to find your best fit. Based on your client's prior tax return and answers provided on a short questionnaire, we will determine the scope of service and make recommendations regarding our engagement and fees.
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Frequently Asked Questions

    Our tax team puts 100 years combined “taxpertise” at your fingertips – with a unique added value: we only work with financial advisors.  That means approaching our partnership and client services with specialized, relationship-based familiarity – that feels like, well, family.  
    Some other ways we are different:
    • We solidify your relationship with your clients by answering their questions confidently and offering solid, cohesive solutions.
    • We eliminate the communication gap that has historically existed between advisors and tax accountants.
    • If you choose our Premier or Enterprise Engagements, we execute information sharing agreements so that we can cross collaborate with you and your client with full transparency. 
    • We won’t open our own financial advisory practice to compete with you, ever!  

    It doesn’t cost XYPN members anything to partner with XYTS – it’s included in membership.  We charge for client services only and, as always, do not take kickbacks or commissions. 

    Client fees are determined by the engagement level and services required.  Advisors choose whether clients receive invoices from their firm or XYTS.  Please see the pricing options above or fill out our Interest Form to discuss best-fit options for you and your clients.

    Referral clients are direct-billed with tax preparation packages starting at $595.  

    For XYPN members, a full client pricing schedule is also provided in XYPN’s Knowledge Base.

    Yes!  We have team members with extensive experience working with financial planners and their clients, who have witnessed the impact comprehensive financial planning – and better informed advising – has on clients’ lives.

    Tax planning services are tailored to the needs of the client and advisor.  Our typical tax planning engagement starts with a phone consultation to collect required information.  One of our trained team members will then utilize technology and training to plan scenarios and outcomes for the individual.

    Yes! XYTS is happy to work with advisors and clients regardless of location.

    Please fill out our Interest Form

    Yes, currently XYTS is only available for XYPN members.  If you are not a member yet, click here to join today!

Your Trusted Tax Solutions Partner

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