June 2019 MPC Thumbnail - LiveThe Power of Niche Marketing

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As more people earn their CFP® designation and become financial advisors, simply being an advisor is no longer the differentiator it once was. As a result, advisors find themselves increasingly compelled to focus on a niche where it’s easier to stand out and win clients. But some worry that by narrowing in on a niche, they'll lose out on prospective clients.

With a clear marketing strategy, this won't happen. In fact, you'll waste less time on prospects who aren't, and never will be, a fit. After all, good marketing is as much about repelling the wrong people as it is attracting the right ones. In our next free webinar, XYPN members Stephanie Bucko and Emlen Miles-Mattingly explore the power of niche marketing. This call is ideal for anyone considering XYPN membership.


When: Wednesday, June 5, 2019 at 9pm EST/6pm PST

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Who:  This event is ideal for anyone considering an XY Planning Network membership

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