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At XY Planning Network, we're diligent about curating the most relevant content for our national conference each year. Through careful planning and extensive vetting, we aim to continue our 95% overall satisfaction rating among attendees. 

Do you have a valuable message for independent fee-only financial advisors? We want to hear about it.

We are no longer accepting speaker proposals for #XYPNLIVE 2019.  


  • Sole presenter of a 50-minute session
  • Panel moderator
  • Panelist


  • Presenters, moderators, and panelists will be selected among industry leaders, XY Planning Network members, and XYPN internal subject matter experts.
  • Sponsors and vendors may submit proposals, but sponsorship does not include a presentation slot in our conference agenda; XYPN does not accept compensation in any form in exchange for speaking opportunities. 
  • Content of presentations will fit into one of the following categories: Sales/Marketing, Financial Planning, Investment Solutions, Practice Management, or Operations/Compliance.
  • The audience for the presentation must be one of the following: advisors launching, advisors focused on growth, firm owners building an enterprise firm, firm owners building a lifestyle firm, or a support/service advisor.
  • Sole presenters, panelists and moderators must attend a virtual planning session in March; moderators & panelists must meet for a practice session within seven days before the conference.
  • Sole presenters must submit outlines and slides for approval by deadlines.

2019 Selection Process

  1. Submit your proposal via our form by February 22
  2. First-round selection by XYPN's Department of Advisor Success completed by March 1
  3. Second round of approval by XYPN's leadership team completed by March 8
  4. All speakers will be notified by March 15, 2019
  5. Speakers will attend a virtual planning session on March 20
  6. Outline of presentations and panels are due by May 31
  7. Slides for sole presentations are due for review by August 2
  8. Moderators and panelists meet after September 1, 2019, either in person or virtually

Dates subject to change

In Gratitude

Presenters, panelists, and moderators will each receive a complimentary pass for #XYPNLIVE 2019. If you have already purchased a pass, XY Planning Network will refund the purchase amount.