XYPN is committed to providing advisors with the resources they need to launch, build, and grow sustainable fee-only businesses. We do this through a step-by-step process that takes you from filing your initial RIA registration to onboarding your first client to building your ideal financial planning firm. Throughout this launch process, you'll have access to a team of experts who will guide you through your first year as a firm owner and partner with you to build the business you envision. After completing XYPN’s New Firm Launch Series, you'll be well on your way to running a profitable and sustainable Financial Planning practice. 

Current members of XYPN with questions about these programs should contact their Member Experience Specialists.

Laying the Foundation Program

When it comes to launching your firm, it's important to properly lay the foundation for your business.  We will start this process by introducing you to the XYPN team of experts and preparing your firm for registration.

Who: New XYPN members who are preparing for their firm's initial registration

When: Initial Registration calls take place every Wednesday at 2 pm MT; Laying the Foundation calls take place every Wednesday at 9:30 am MT

What: Business structure, ideal clients, planning services, investment management services, and fee structure  

Cost: Included with membership 

Start My Firm Program

Once you've filed your firm's initial registration, it’s time to start planning the launch of your firm. Our team will guide you through a month-long program leading you up to the day your registration is approved.

Who: New XYPN members who have submitted their firm's initial registration

When: New groups begin monthly and meet every Wednesday at 12:30 pm MT

What: Marketing, branding, tech stack, workflow processes, self-care, content, associations, insurance, client experience, & study groups

Cost: Included with membership 

Run My Firm

When your firm registration is complete, it’s time to build and grow your business. This 12-month program is designed to streamline your current processes, enhance your sales and marketing activities, and facilitate the sharing of best practices between firm owners.

Who: RIA owners after they've become state-registered through the end of their first year in business

When: New groups begin quarterly and meet twice per month


Month 1: Creating your Business Plan

Month 2: Building your Marketing Strategy 

Month 3: Defining your Service Model 

Month 4: Creating your Firm Schedule/Time Management 

Month 5: Key Performance Indicators (KPI) 

Month 6: Networking- Getting involved with Advisors, COIs, and Your Niche 

Month 7: Marketing Successes and Lessons Learned from your Niche

Month 8: Refining your Firm's Compliance Procedures 

Month 9: Prospecting and Closing Ratios - What’s working? 

Month 10: Your Firm Financials 

Month 11: Building Repeatable Processes and Workflows 

Month 12: Building YOUR Financial Planning Firm 

Cost: Included in Membership