August 2020 MPC Thumbnail - LiveHow to Become the Kicka$$ CCO Your Firm Needs

As an independent firm owner, you undoubtedly have more control over your career, from who you serve to how you serve them. But with all that freedom comes a lot of responsibility, including the role and duties of Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) for your firm. The thought of managing a compliance program solo sends many advisors running for the hills, but with the right tools and knowledge, taking charge of compliance is much more rewarding than it is stressful. In this webinar, XYPN Compliance Consultant Shelby Brown will teach you how to become an effective CCO, sharing what you can start doing today to improve your compliance program, and how XYPN can help you in the future.


Event Details

When: Wednesday, August 12, 2020 at 1pm ET/10am PT

Where: Dial in by phone from anywhere or join us via computer

Who:  This event is ideal for anyone considering an XY Planning Network membership

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