The Growth Workshop

Strategic Marketing for the Modern Advisor

XYPN's immersive 6-week Growth Workshop will supercharge your marketing by pushing you to be more strategic, take risks, and unveil what makes your firm unique. Use this training to create a roadmap to attract your dream client by leveraging your unique strengths and experiences.

The workshop is designed specifically for XYPN members who have used content marketing strategies on their own, learned some lessons, and now want to be more strategic about their efforts.

What's in it for you?

  • Develop a clear, compelling strategy for reaching your dream clients
  • Walk away with a framework for coaching yourself through strategic decisions even after the workshop is over
  • Unveil the stories and perspectives that make you stand out
  • Powerfully advance your firm’s goals and understanding of your dream client
  • Identify a content creation process (beyond blogging!) that plays to your unique strengths, appeals to your unique dream client, and actually works with your calendar
  • Remove barriers—big and small—that stand in your way of executing a successful content strategy
  • Produce your first piece(s) of strategic marketing content with your new plan
  • Outline a roadmap of experiments you will run to continue learning and improving
  • Receive peer feedback and actively contribute to the success of other participants

How much does it cost?

Each participant will be charged $500 for this program, and reimbursed in full upon 100% completion of the program. It is encouraged that participants then use this $500 investment toward implementing the strategy they created during the workshop.

Completion of the program entails: Attending every live training session for the full hour, submitting every homework assignment and on time, providing feedback to your assigned peers, and attending at least one Office Hour session.


How many spots are available?

There are twenty-four (24) spots available for each live workshop. Members are invited to apply on this page, and may be assigned to upcoming sessions based on both their application and the timing of their submission.


Who should participate?

The Growth Workshop is for you if:

  • You’re committed to taking your firm to the next level
  • You believe leveling up your messaging and content is the next step
  • You’re ready to put in the hard work (and even emotional labor!) necessary to connect with your dream client
  • You’re willing to contribute to the success of others in the workshop through routine, thoughtful feedback
  • You can commit 7-10 hours per week to participate in trainings, homework, and weekly reviews

When is the next session?

The next session will be hosted from September 23, 2019, to November 11, 2019. Please see the schedule listed on this page. Key dates: 

  • August 26: Applications will be reviewed
  • September 2: Notification of acceptance will be sent via email, and pre-work will be assigned
  • September 23: We begin!

What is the time commitment?

Anticipate dedicating 7-10 hours throughout the week toward this program. Before and throughout the workshop you will have required reading as well as homework assignments. The more time you put in, the more you will get out of the program. Outside of the trainings, homework, and required reading, there will also be recommended blogs, videos, and podcasts to advance your strategy, skills, and mindset.  

Meet Your Workshop Instructors

Sample Weekly Schedule


2:00-3:00 pm MST

Live Training (1 hr)

Individual Execution on Homework Prompts (3 hrs)


11:59 pm MST

Homework Due


11:59 pm MST

Peer Feedback Due (1.5 hrs)
Friday Optional: Office Hours for Consultation


11:59 pm MST

Weekly Reflections Due (1.5 hrs)

Ready to Level Up Your Growth Strategy?