On-Demand Event: The Power of Niche MarketingThe Power of Niche Marketing

As more people earn their CFP® designation and become financial advisors, simply being an advisor is no longer the differentiator it once was. As a result, advisors find themselves increasingly compelled to focus on a niche where it’s easier to stand out and win clients. But some worry that by narrowing in on a niche, they'll lose out on prospective clients.

With a clear marketing strategy, this won't happen. In fact, you'll waste less time on prospects who aren't, and never will be, a fit. After all, good marketing is as much about repelling the wrong people as it is attracting the right ones. In this on-demand event, XYPN members Stephanie Bucko and Emlen Miles-Mattingly explore the power of niche marketing. 




Listen as Stephanie and Emlen share:

  • How identifying their niche helped bring focus to their marketing strategy
  • Dealing with compliance regulations when using social media
  • How sharing your personal side can help build your business
  • The power of quality over quantity
  • How saying no to the wrong clients can help you connect with the right ones
  • How to find clients through your existing networks and centers of influence