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Featuring XYPN Members Jennifer Harper and Devon Klumb

One of the most frequently asked questions we hear at XYPN is, "How much will it cost to launch my firm?" The answer is tricky because there are so many variables. It's helpful to hear from others who have been there, done that. Jennifer Harper and Devon Klumb discuss what changes they would make to their spending in hindsight.





Listen in as Jennifer and Devon answer questions like:

  • Where did your first income come from?
  • What was your biggest expense in your first year?
  • What did your first year in business cost?
  • Do you need a physical office?

Mentioned in this recording:

Our free First-Year Budget Template

First Year Budget (1).pngPreparing to launch a firm of your own? Our First-Year Budget Projection will help! This resource includes:

  • Helpful spreadsheets such as First-Year Expenses, First-Year Revenue, 3-Year Revenue Projections and Personal Living Expenses
  • Case studies from three XYPN members with a look at their actual first-year expenses
  • Detailed descriptions of how much it really costs to start an RIA

Click here to download our free First-Year Budget Template