June 2020 MPC Thumbnail - LiveHow To Create A Launch Marketing Plan for Your RIA

Join XYPN's marketing coach, Carolyn Dalle-Molle, as she walks through how to create an effective launch plan for your firm, one step at a time.

Learn how to tailor your plan to your niche, how to build hype around your firm, how to identify the right time to launch, and what assets you'll need to put your marketing plan into action. You'll leave this webinar with the tools and confidence you need to start successfully marketing your firm today.


In This Recording

Listen as Carolyn shares her expert advice on:

  • When to launch an RIA your marketing plan
  • Who to share your launch with
  • What to say in marketing materials
  • How to reach out to potential contacts
  • Building hype for your launch
  • And much more!