Finding Your First Clients

Starting your own firm comes with a lot of decisions, from how you will handle compliance issues to how to design your website. The list goes on and on. One of the most important questions we hear is, "How will I find my first clients?" XYPN members Scott Snider and Jane Yoo share advice in this recorded webinar. Join us to hear how they secured their first clients, and for tips and tricks on how to build a client base of your own. This call is ideal for anyone considering membership with XY Planning Network.





 Listen in as Scott and Jane answer questions like:

  • What forms of marketing have you found to be the most useful for you while growing your firm?
  • In each of your practices, what "deliverables" (on your website or physical paper or via email) did you use when engaging with prospects?
  • Do you have a benchmark to meet as to how many prospects you need to meet in a given month or year?
  • Where are you finding leads, what do you do to get in front of your audience, and what is your success rate?
  • Did you find joining networking groups or getting involved in an organization helpful in building your business?