September 2019 MPC Thumbnail - RecordedBuilding a Client Base in Year One

Your first year as an independent financial advisor will offer no shortage of struggles (fear not, you'll also experience your fair share of successes!). Undoubtedly, new firm owners spend considerable time worrying about where and how they'll find their first clients, and rightfully so: building a client base in your first year is key to success and sustainability.

In this video, XYPN members Kristy Runzer and Trent Porter will share their first-year firm ownership journeys, diving into the details of how they built their client bases and set themselves up for success. 




Listen as Kristy and Trent share their experiences with:

  • What avenues have worked best for finding, and nurturing, prospects
  • The power of one-to-one relationships
  • Having the initial fee conversation with clients—and how to revisit if your fees change
  • What XYPN resources have been most helpful in building and growing their businesses
  • Tactics for effective conversations with potential clients
  • The cost of acquiring a new client (spoiler—it's not what you think!)
  • How they navigated income replacement in year one

Mentioned in this call: