May 2020 MPC Thumbnail - RecordedBuild Your Initial Planning Process

When it comes to growing your financial planning firm, creating a repeatable, scalable financial planning process is a key first step.

Join XYPN Director of Member Services Maddy Roche as she sits down with XYPN Executive Financial Planning & Process Coach Emily Purdon for an exploration of XYPN’s financial planning process. Emily will discuss the core tenets of the XYPN Financial Planning Process, and will help you outline your own financial planning process for your firm, from client onboarding all the way through plan delivery. She’ll show you how to build your process with the right balance of customization and scalability.

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In this recording

Listen as Emily shares her expert advice on:

  • Creating an initial planning process
  • Detailed timelines and purpose for each step of the financial planning process
  • Email template examples and recommendations
  • Suggested core reporting for scalability
  • Meeting agenda examples
  • And much more!