MPC Event Thumbnails March 2021 recorded

30 Top Marketing Hacks in 30 Minutes

Are you looking for an idea to better market your firm? How about 30 of them? XYPN Marketeers Katie DeMars and Kelly Moorman combine their experience to bring you 30 marketing tips in 30 minutes. (If you're good at math, you may have noticed this webinar is 60 minutes. That leaves 30 minutes for us to answer your questions!) Whether you’re just starting out or you have 50+ clients, you're guaranteed to walk away with at least one (and hopefully many more) idea you can implement in your firm today.
Event Details

Listen in as Kelly and Katie share their expert advice on: 

  • Creating a niche and personas
  • Crafting meaningful content
  • Forming a marketing strategy around your unique goals
  • Diving into ad marketing