Expert Roundtable: Tackling Compliance When Transitioning to an RIA

Transitioning to an RIA can be overwhelming, and nothing can be more frustrating and confusing than compliance! Never fear—we have assembled a panel of compliance experts, members who have been there and done that, AND a real-life securities attorney for this exclusive Expert Roundtable event. In 90 action-packed minutes, these experts will come together to share all of the details and knowledge you need to tackle the ins and outs of compliance and step into your role as the kicka$$ CCO your firm needs.

What you’ll get from this Expert Roundtable event:

  • Expert advice from XYPN’s Compliance Team on eliminating trails, navigating non-competes, and what to expect for paperwork
  • Stories from XYPN members who have transitioned from a broker/dealer, wirehouse, and insurance environments
  • A deep understanding of compliance from a legal perspective as you hear from expert Securities Attorney Chris Stanley
Event Details

When: Wednesday, December 8, 2021 1:30–3:00 PM ET/10:30–12:00 PM PT

Where: Dial in by phone from anywhere or join us via computer

Who:  This event is ideal for anyone considering an XY Planning Network membership

How: Register below