2018 Benchmarking Study

XYPN 2018 Benchmarking Study Cover

NOW AVAILABLE: XYPN's 2018 Annual Benchmarking Study

Since XYPN's founding in 2014, we've been regularly asked questions like, “What kind of revenue growth do XYPN members experience?” and “Will raising my fees kill my business?” To answer questions like these, we again enlisted the help of a professional research firm to complete our second annual benchmarking study.

2017 was good to many XY Planning Network advisors, and can be most most appropriately summarized in one word: growth. The average XYPN advisor experienced high growth, and tenured members in particular experienced what can only be described as tremendous revenue growth. As XYPN advisors continue to evolve and refine their value propositions, they are developing into more advanced and purposeful leaders who are driving the success of their firms.

These themes emerged from data provided by more than 200 members. Participants in the study spanned from new advisors with limited experience to others with over 10 years in the profession. Some advisors recently joined XYPN, while others are tenured members.

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In our 80-page Benchmarking Study Executive Summary, you'll find:

  • Annual revenue growth by years of XYPN membership
  • The impact of fee and service changes on growth
  • The average number of prospects and rate at which they are converted into clients per advisor
  • The effectiveness of various marketing efforts, such as blogging and online advertising
  • The role experience plays in effectively pricing services
  • Whether or not the CFP designation is "worth it"
  • Sources of growth, from referrals to networking to social media
  • Core themes for top performers at all stages & so much more!

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