March 2019 MPC Thumbnail - LiveLifestyle Versus Enterprise Firm: What's Right for You?

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As a firm owner, you have a lot of decisions to make. What kind of clients you want to serve, what fee structure will work best for your business, what types of services you want to offer...the list is endless. Often, firm owners forget to ask themselves one very important question: what kind of business they want to build. There is no one "right" answer; there's just what's right for you. In this free webinar, XYPN members Steven Briggs and Bethany Bristow discuss what type of business they're building, and how they decided what was right for them. This call is ideal for anyone considering XYPN membership. 


When: Wednesday, March 6, 2019 at 9pm EST/6pm PST

Where: Dial in by phone from anywhere or join us via computer

Who:  This event is ideal for anyone considering an XY Planning Network membership

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